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Today modern time every one want to save time. Every one want in a minimum time get maximum profit. With help of eCommerce technology the product manufacturer earn a maximum profit. There i no need to extra promotion they just spend the money on the Online promotion. With help of eCommerce online promotion the store gone in search and the product selling increases and with easy online payment method both customer and manufacturer get profit. Then the time comes of the courier companies they shipping the product and finally product reaches at the customer. So there is elimination of the retailer more of the extent. The product directly reaches at the manufacturer to customer. The above is the whole process of eCommerce stores. There is lot of companies provide the free online storeĀ  they can develop your eCommerce store.

The following features of the eCommerce store can increase the sell

1. SEO Friendly url

The eCommerce store have the search engine friendly URL so that i can easily crawl by the different engines. When the url crawl in the search then it comes out in the customer search . If the url come in Customer query search then at lest customer can see your product if your product have the reasonable price . Then May be customer can buy your product. So in short Search engine friendly url can increase the product sell.

2. Createing good quality of xml

Most of the search engines work on the xml file they just crawl the xml file and extract the contents from them and find the most prominent keywords of your site. Also xml help in finding most active link of the website so that they comes out in the search engine indexing first. So that whenever the customer can search the product then it comes outĀ  in the first url.

3. Different existing customer(like amazon customer) can login

The existing user of the most famus stores (Amazon etc) or social like (Facebook, Twitter, Googleplus ) user can login our existing details so that there is wastage of the time can be minimized and the user can buy the product easily. So if the store minimized the wastage of time can increase the productivity.

4. User friendly interface.

5. Easy payment option (like Credit Card, Debit Card, NEFT, COD).

6. Good integeration courier companies api.

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