top ecommerce open source list : how to choose best one

Nowadays e-commerce stores more popular because every seller wants a store. In e-commerce business scale not matter there is small scale business or large scale business. I have seen in every ten customers 2 or 3 customer demand for the online store development. When such type requirement reaches the technical manager then he always thinks how to move towards the development weather develop store using core development or choose an any CMS like Magento, opencart, woocommerce, Magento, oscommerce, cscart, prestashop. If he moves using core development then there is required more time everything made from scratch and most of the time gone in testing. In other hand client started marketing so he wants our product as soon as possible in that case technical manager have pressure so, the only option left to choose any CMS so that I can be completed on time. You can’t choose any cms without any complete requirement so, before choosing any cms put out the below question towards the client.

  • How many products you want to sell
  • you have an existing store and want to migrate it or want a fresh store.
  • If customer have existing store then evaluate their traffic
  • Try to collect inform regarding store built on which technology like any opensource or core. If it’s on open source then try to evaluate customization
  • existing store currently integrated with any android APP or any API
  • last but not least you want to launch your store on which type hosting is it shared hosting, dedicated hosting or dedicated server.

After finding the answer you can review below information which can help you. I describe below important information regarding each CMS.


The base of woo commerce is WordPress so it’s good for the less number of products. Also, it’s not more secure if want secure then there is need to add more security measure. It’s chocked out when a number of user & their visits increases. But there is enhancement is easy because a lot of plugins available that can enhance the functionality. The default woocommerce¬† full fill most of the requirement but if still required then you can it. Wocoomerece follows class based structure & easily override the template in your theme. Its working fine in all hosting because it handles small e-commerce business.


Opencart follows the MVC (model view controller) and another component also maintains language so that you can manage multiple languages just putting the separate files for each language. Its MVC based so there it’s easy to understand for every programmer. Its maintain the standard like view only contain represent part same model communication with the database so each query will be found in the model.

controller work as routing & execution. For enhancement, there is need programmer. But it’s more secure & has a capacity to holds a number of products & customers. It’s working fine with dedicated hosting or dedicated server. On shared hosting, it’s unable to handle more traffic So it’s required more resource but with that, it’s more secure & handles more powerful.


It’s oldest e-commerce CMS so its follows core class & function-based structure. It’s also good but its unable to handle a large number of products. When your products count goes greater than 1000 then its load slowly & take a lot of time rendering data, so visitor can’t wait to move another one, in that case, you lose it business. Now there latest build they launched the cache version that can enhance but the previous version has the problem. So it’s also better for the medium scale business. There is one more thing it provides less amount of payment support for new payment & delivery option need to integration.


It’s used most like CakePHP structure. Its maintain the separate view section, class for database & controller same as above controlling route. One most powerful feature is that it’s used cookies & cache for maintaining the data on the visitor side. The Prestashop community also provides the module generator so that its easy for a developer for a cretae new module. It also provides most of the payment, delivery social integration inbuilt So there is no more requirement of development. It has a great capacity to handle near about 3000 products & 50,000 customers without consuming a lot of resources. So it’s better.


If I talk about the performance it has the same as PrestaShop but it’s required more resource. But if you used a dedicated server or hosting then it definitely works for you. It follows the Zend framework so there performance better previous one but the problem only is that it consume more resource. But its most powerful for large amount business it handles more number of user & products.

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