How to be test our software

In the software development the testing is very important. As a human nature during the development phase some points will become escaped so during testing we can be cover it. But question came that how to run the development & testing process parallel. So Many organisation & team make different strategy. We can be mange the testing & development using below ideas. Complete development process running in the below steps.

Client requirement & their analysis.

When client provides the requirement with the use of different sources. Then requirement analysis team will analyse the requirement of the client search our resources & ideas. Try complete client requirement in minimum resource. For example if client raise the requirement of e-commerce website. Then we search team or resources that complete such type of task previous so that they can be finished the task more faster. According to the client requirement the analysis team collect ideas, sample running website, doc. These materiel provide for the project manager.

Technical Planning & try convert the client requirement on paper

Project manager will search realated team & assigned the project. The team will study the client requirement, related ideas, sample running website, doc etc. On the basis of that he will create the wire frame & module process & plan the how they will proceed for the task. resource planning like hosting, database design, performance measure, security measure. Then Return to project manager & Business developer. He will again send to client & explain all the wire frame & clear the question, query.


After confirmation of client it will came in the development process. Then the designer senior assign the task for our team member. He will also create the designing test case. Senior designer decide the points which will need to test by the tester. The senior person knows which mistakes may done by our team member. Same process will be occur with development manager or team Leader.

Designing with testing process

The designer will design the pages according to the wire frame that was shared with client. Testing team will test the design according to the test case that was created by the designing senior & marked by the client. The designing team will fix all the bugs & finished the design. Then it move for development integration.

Development with testing process

The development team integrate the design with our module. There is responsibility of tester will increase he will test the designing point with development module. If any issue related to desiring as well as the development process need to fix them & represent to the client & he will approve the application then it moves to real time usage.

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