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In current web development mobile friendly app development very popular. Everyone want same application work on the desktop as well as the mobile. So that he can save the cost of development. So Angular development more prominent because of same application work on the desktop as well mobile with a responsive feature. Bootstrap also help  the developer in the design section. So that the individual developer can complete their project. With this Bootstrap also provide an inbuilt function like pagination,filter, modal pop up, auto suggests etc.

Now days so much requirements raise of the e-commerce application development. In e-commerce application development important things are product,cart,order & categories. Especially when you have 1000 of category then how to manage it. If you load all category at the same time then the speed of the application become slow which shows a bad impact on the customer or if you show less category then its show bad impact on the customer.

But angular have a great feature of template binding with the two-way feature. With the help of that, we can bind HTML with the database. So there is a need to service that provides a data in JSON format. For providing fast JSON data I used SLIM API services.  So When a user clicks on the menu then user Hit services that provide the JSON data that data bind with HTML & render them. So on first loading only load parent category when user click on the category then extract their child same scenario you can manage thousands of category.

Demo code

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